Season begets Season

Shorter days, frosty nights, the pull of the moon further into autumn. Our home, yard, and family have undergone a change. The woodstove now pushes against the morning chill as we don mitts and toques for our morning jogs. The tomatoes are finished, the carrots are turning sweet, and the last almost-orange pumpkin has been … Continue reading

A project to share

Oh there is so much living and thinking and doing and reflecting and creating and…Good Things going on! (Yes, I remain ‘away’, this is just an announcement of sorts) On this Monday I want to share this with you and invite you to participate (locally or as a project in your own zone) as I … Continue reading

sustainable food yards

Locals who are interested in gardening and real food growth should totally check this out! I’m registered and hoping some familiar faces come along with me.


Spring, spring, spring, happy happy SPRING!!! Today is the Vernal Equinox, the first day of spring. How wonderful! I find it difficult to believe that we’ve really made it through winter. Wow! Months ago I was convinced that this would be the longest winter ever. Now I’m amazed at how quickly it went by, how … Continue reading

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