What I see from here

These days are full of good things. Good, good, wild, and gorgeous! Today, soaking up these three gorgeous wildling boys and the new all-girl of a pup. Moving as fast as baby  steps and as orderly as a toddler Labrador and with the fresh energy of that waiting space between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So much … Continue reading

Self-Care #2: Faces!

Monday already? Somehow I thought that adding another self-care challenge each week would be fairly easy. It turns out that I’m more fargone than I knew! How are your hands? Did you try the scrub? Are we ready to add on? This week…the face! Personal glimpse: I have extremely acenic skin. Oddly enough, my skin … Continue reading

Self-Care Initiative. Week One: Hands

It’s Monday. (a more than manic-Monday in this household as we deal with another flu and all the fun that comes along with it….) Remember the invitation last week? We’re ‘self caring’ together! Every Monday from last week until June 20th, I’ll be posting a reminder/challenge/opportunity to help us move to a more conscientious care … Continue reading

International Women’s Day

One year ago, I was nearing a ‘perfect peak’ in my exercise routine, ideal weight, and overall physical fitness. We were living within biking distance of a large recreation center where I was able to daily engage in an array of machines and classes, testing myself to go a bit harder and a bit further … Continue reading

self care initiative

     It was one of those coveted afternoon hours that many mamas dream: all three kiddos were napping at the same time. I leaped across the laundry, thought about the dishes, grabbed my computer, made a salad, brewed a quick cuppa, and hopped into the tub, salad and all. Somewhere between the romaine, Google, … Continue reading


They arrived with arms full; flowers, candles, chocolate, salt, scents, paints, and laughter. They arrived as gifts in themselves, as women who had become friends, as friends who had grown with my belly in the first conversations of summer and the changing of autumn and the falling cold of winter. They arrived with warmth and … Continue reading

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