The boy who thinks he hates church

Earlier this summer, this post came out. It served as an inspiration for families and congregations across the continent, including myself. I was refreshed in my {challenging, unique, humorous} Sunday Service moments with my {challenging, unique, humorous} wildling sons. That said, we still are ridiculously inconsistent in our attendance, we still breathe within a fluid/flexing/growing … Continue reading

pray always?

I have much to learn about prayer. Really, for a Bible school graduate, it’s somewhat embarrassing that I’m not yet a groomed-and-tuned professional in the area. I mean, it’s just “talking to God”, right? Or wait, isn’t it a private and focused meditative experience? Or…no…it’s warfare! Corporate and pulsing and full of sweat and blood. There’s more … Continue reading

The other night, I received this kind-hearted messaged. It comes from someone who has seen my boys and sees beauty in my family, but it presented questions and thoughts that hadn’t really crossed my mind. In the chance that others have been wondering the same, I thought I would post it. I hope my response … Continue reading

To follow up….

The following is a brief follow-up to last night’s post. Thank you so much for the comments and emails– encouraging. Today was intense. And so worth it. We started the day: Early. and with another snatch of the sugar jar (how…?) and with a bucket of clay face mask dumped on what was left of … Continue reading

Stuck with me

{It is so far past midnight but the evening was well worth it. But, I’ve committed to getting these Monday posts up so here you go. I hope it’s lucid! It’s been a busy few days! ;)} My home, these boys, the emotions and intensity and destruction…it’s a lot, some days. To be more specific, … Continue reading

yeah, that was us

Once upon a time…. This mama realized that late afternoon is high-time to high-tail it out of the house to the playground or the store or, some days, the library. Once upon a time…. This mama chose the library for her high-time high-tailin’ afternoon outing. Away from the dishes, and the hens, and the floor … Continue reading


Today marks Autumn’s Solstice. Now are the last days of summer, and the horizon brings Autumn in all her color and chill and harvest. Best to you as we turn….

This Moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Inspired by SouleMama. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see. … Continue reading


Here’s a question: Are you sending your kiddo to preschool? Or, did you send your kiddo to preschool? Why, or why not? Would funding make a difference to you? (Like, if you had it you would but you didn’t so…?) Hm hm hm. We weren’t, but then we discovered fantastic funding so we registered, but … Continue reading

Things that make me go, “YIKES!!!”

Another Saturday that could have had a different story with this strong adventurer of a boy! Strength and peace to you mothers of boys! (Last Saturday we lost him at the CSA farm for over 15 minutes and finally discovered him in the corral with about ten huge boars! My WORD! Oh child of mine….Thank goodness … Continue reading

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