For so many reasons… not-totally-unhealthy brownies

There are many words for the past 5 days or so. They include vomit and “are you kidding me?!” and sleeplessness and mothering alone. They include moments of regret. Harsh tones. Attitude before acceptance. Hands up in the air and pulling at my hair. Eyes looking towards the Good, for the Good…and hands holding on … Continue reading

Crazy Night Recipe #1

You know those nights (or months…) where supper time arrives and you just don’t know what to put on the plates? That was tonight. And every night this month. Yikers! Tonight, Dea’, the cooker and baker and ohh-i-love-food creator, was at a loss…again. Reviewing our day I knew we were higher on the carby/oaty side … Continue reading

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