Those dirty, nasty, baddie-bad…somethings!

Last week, I received an intriguing notice in the mail. It stated that there had been complaints regarding the “chickens and the goat” in my backyard. It outlined that I’d better attend the upcoming Town Council meeting or risk penalty as well as the removal of these animals. Wow! Isn’t that…neighborly? 😉 My first response … Continue reading

I’m on my third cup of coffee with a morning brownie. Yaaay Friday! We dove into the morning with an exceptionally early start (on their end at least 😉 ) and a collection of experiments: Does Lego melt when piled on the woodstove? Yes, yes it does. Is Knightley learning to walk while being dragged … Continue reading

Growing the flock

Once upon a time, we purchased a crate of hens. We wanted some truly ‘free range organic’ eggs (the ‘real’ ones are around $6 in the store!!) and we thought it’d be a great way to show Jeremiah the origin and value of food, along with some routine chores and basic animal husbandry. As mentioned … Continue reading

Midwife to a Hen

(Warning: If you are fond of eating eggs, you may not want to continue reading this post…) Last night I shared a fairly…hands-on experience with one of our dear hens. ‘Ducky’, our most lively, loud-mouthed, inquisitive, and overall naughty gals (seriously, we generally refer her as ‘That NAUGHTY hen!’) was having an obvious struggle passing … Continue reading

Backyard Chickens!

We are now a family with backyard chickens. And I love it! For years (seriously, for years) I have wanted to own a little flock (clutch? Gaggle? Hm…) of laying hens. Unfortunately for me, my husband made it quite clear that he “was no farmer!” and that ‘livestock’ would never (ever!) be a part of … Continue reading

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